Virtual Fitting Room 2.0: How AI is Reshaping Apparel Asset Creation

If you sell fashion or apparel e-commerce, you need this Virtual Fitting Room technology. Double your visitor conversion and dramatically reduce product returns.

Did you know apparel returns cost the industry an estimated $38 billion annually? (Source: Coresight Research). A significant portion of these returns stem from poor fit and customers not being fully sure about how a garment will look on them.

  • Online apparel sales are booming, but high return rates due to sizing and fit concerns are a major pain point for retailers.
  • Virtual Fitting Rooms (VFR) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) present a groundbreaking solution, increasing customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • AI revolutionizes product asset creation, making photoshoots more efficient and scalable. This benefits both brands and customers.

Let’s delve into why traditional asset creation methods are falling behind, and how AI is shaping the future of the fashion industry:

professional photos

The Old Way of Fashion Photoshoots: Expensive, Slow, and Limiting

As a business owner, you grasp the logistical nightmare and costs associated with product photoshoots. Models, photographers, stylists, locations, post-production…it all adds up. But the real limitation? Even with deep pockets, you can’t realistically shoot every single product in every variation, hindering your ability to visually represent your full collections.

What if there was a smarter way?

AI-powered Virtual Fitting Rooms are the breakthrough:

  • Reduced Returns: VFRs let customers see how clothes fit on their unique body, boosting confidence and minimizing “I didn’t like how it looked on me” returns.
  • Increased Sales: When buyers are sure about the fit, they’re far more likely to purchase and less likely to buy multiple sizes only to return the ones that don’t work.
  • Cost Savings: AI-generated assets can significantly reduce photoshoot expenses. Think about how much money could be saved on models, locations, and sample garments!
  • Faster Time to Market: Get new products online with visual representation much faster, especially valuable for fast fashion and reactive trend adoption.

AI-Powered UGC 2.0 & The Power of Personalization

It’s predicted that the global virtual fitting room market will grow from $4.03 billion in 2022 to $14.87 billion by 2029. That’s a compound annual growth rate of 13.44%. (Source: Shopify)

AI can clean up user-generated content (UGC), while VFRs allow customers to visualize outfits on themselves. These technologies work together to build trust, authenticity, and sales.

Further AI capabilities create a true competitive edge:

  • Inclusivity: Virtual models in various body types mean every shopper finds someone relatable.
  • Customization: Explore AI-enabled sleeve length adjustments, color changes, etc., tapping into the future of made-to-order.
  • Sustainability: Less waste from excess samples and photoshoots equals a greener approach.

The Power of Virtual Try-On Data

Virtual fitting rooms aren’t just about the customer experience – they’re a data bonanza for your business. Use insights to:

  • Optimize Inventory: See which items are most popular across demographics.
  • A/B Test Assets: Figure out what backgrounds or poses drive engagement.
  • Supercharge Retargeting: Someone tried on a dress virtually? Remind them with targeted ads!
Virtual Fitting Room

Artisse AI: Groundbreaking Virtual Fitting Rooms

Imagine transforming a single photoshoot into an infinite asset library. AI-powered VFRs allow you to:

  • “Dress” AI models in your entire collection with a few clicks
  • Change backgrounds and poses instantly
  • Generate consistent visuals at a fraction of the cost

Table of Contents

A Better Way for Your Customers to Buy Clothes Online

Today’s best VFRs are intuitive

Your Customers



Your Customers



Your Customers

body type


Your Customers

Photos created
in just a minute!

In a nutshell:

  1. Upload Garment Image: It’s as simple as snapping a photo
  2. AI Works its Magic: Garments are fitted onto customizable models
  3. Customers “Try On”: Shoppers see how the clothing looks on their bodies

The Future: It's About More Than Just E-commerce

  • Gaming: Outfit your in-game persona for unique style!
  • The Metaverse: Virtual fashion will need AI-driven, scalable clothing assets.
  • Home Design: “Try on” furniture in your space with Augmented Reality (AR).

Your competitors are likely testing this technology right now. It’s not about being left behind, it’s about taking advantage of a tool that helps you create the kind of dynamic shopping experiences customers crave. Ready to see what it can do for you? Request a personalized demo now.
See how we can streamline your asset creation, unleash new collection possibilities, and gain critical insights that will put you ahead of the curve.

Don’t get behind and let’s unleash the power of AI-powered virtual fitting rooms. The future of apparel e-commerce is here, and it’s more customizable than ever before.

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