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Artisse Interactive – March 2024 Updates

Artisse just got more dynamic. Explore the March 2024 update’s interactive features – transform your AI image generation!

Artisse March Updates

Dear Artisse Community,

We’re thrilled to kick off 2024 with incredible growth and exciting new features. Here’s a look at what we’ve achieved, and a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Growth & Success

  • Our user base is growing rapidly, continuing to more than double month over month. This kind of growth is thrilling to see!

  • We have around 200,000 monthly active users who are currently training more than 1,500 new AI models per day, utilizing over 30,000 photos daily.

  • We’re continuously refining our marketing strategy, achieving ever-improving user acquisition metrics and seeing significant growth fueled by organic and word-of-mouth referrals.

Business Partnerships

We are in partnership discussions with numerous large blue-chip prospective customers ranging from national football clubs, dating apps, and global fashion brands. Artisse AI stands ready to transform various industries.

Feature Updates: Driven by Your Feedback

A thriving and active community like ours means constant feedback on what features matter most. This lets us innovate quickly and improve our world-class product.

Here are some highlights from the last two months:

  • Artisse WebApp:
    Artisse is now accessible from any device, eliminating the need for native mobile app downloads. We’ve meticulously redesigned the UI/UX to ensure a seamless browser-based experience. Try it for free now.

  • Advanced AI Photo Editing Capabilities:
    Enhanced AI editing tools offer various modes tailored for specific editing needs, including our unique intelligent uncropping feature that restores lost image details.
Artisse Whole Picture Edit
Artisse Face Only Edit
Artisse Manual Select Edit
Artisse AI Uncrop
  • NSFW Toggle:
    This new feature gives you the flexibility to either filter out not-safe-for-work content or enable and customize it for total control over your experience. 😉

  • Multiple AI Personas:
    Pro subscribers can now manage up to four separate AI personas, significantly streamlining the workflow for content professionals working with multiple models.

  • Virtual Fitting Room:
    Artisse can now train on any clothing item, enabling you to model yourself in any outfit you can find. While this feature is currently only available to business customers, we plan to integrate it into the main app for everyone soon.
Artisse Updates
  • Community Sharing and Rewards:
    Share your creative prompts with the community to earn credits, and take advantage of our referral program for additional rewards.

  • And More!
    We’ve made numerous improvements across the board, including refreshed theme packs, revamped navigation, performance optimizations, a more comprehensive help center, an expanded prompt guide, and bug fixes.

The Future of Artisse

We have an ambitious development pipeline, including features like generating photos with multiple AI personas and video capabilities designed to bring your images to life!

Blockchain Integration & $CATHEON Ecosystem Utility

Our WebApp launch allows us greater flexibility for experimenting with blockchain integration and tokenization. We’ll begin by integrating crypto as a payment option.

We’re exploring a range of tokenization and incentive models to enhance the product and user experience. These include turning each photo into an NFT for tradable image licensing rights, rewards for user-generated content (like theme packs), and further gamifying our content sharing system.

Further to this, we are designing a $CATHEON token burning mechanism with the aim of reducing token supply over time as the ecosystem grows. We’ll share more details in future updates

Thank You!

We’re building Artisse AI for YOU. Keep the feedback coming, and let’s shape the future of image creation together!


The Artisse Team

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